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Zubee Zone

Zubeezone is a free viral rewards site owned by John Bell. Members collect zubee coins (silver, gold and diamond) from various sponsor websites, which include (but are not limited to) traffic exchanges, viral mailers and blogs. Each zubee coin is loaded with zubee points : Silver coin value 125 points, Gold coin value 250 points and Diamond coin value 500 points.

Each time a member claims one of those coins by clicking the claim link under it, the zubee points are automatically added to their account at zubeezone. Most users of zubeezone use their zubee points to get cash, which they “buy” at the market place. I have added below a part of my ZubeeZone account as it will help you to understand better the site.

Before I will explain to you more about the ZubeeZone maybe you are wondering why so many websites and site owners are using it. Well the answer is very simple: to draw business and activity to websites (it's an excellent tool to drive traffic and traffic is the core of any online site) while the members or the visitors are getting something in return. It's a win - win situation!

At ZubeeZone, the members are always paid, once a week on a Friday, without any minimum balance requirement. Which means that even if you have only 1c in your zubeezone balance, you will find it in your paypal account on Friday. If you take a look at the photo that i add above you might notice that there are 3 areas that the account covers.

The first one is the cash area which shows you how much money you have in the account. In my case there are 0.25 USD that i have won during the Mistery Prizes. This is the really fun part of zubeezone. A member can find a mystery prize behind any coin (it is totally random). After you click to claim your mystery prize, the icons will change in front of your eyes, high speed, and eventually settle on your prize, which could be 0.01USD, 0.25USD, an orange/blue/red cash jackpot, zubee points or an increased claim bonus over an allocated amount of days.

The second one shows you the number of zubee coins that you have in the account. The zubee coins can be trade at the marketplace and the process is very simple. As soon as you have enough to trade for 0.10USD or more, you may go in the market place area and convert the coins. You can also choose from other market place items if you prefer. The market place values fluctuate (take a look at the photo below for an example). This means they go up and down in real-time according to the amount of income to zubeezone vs the amount of zubees being distributed. This can make a significant difference to your trade. You need to watch for trends (keep your eye on that value). You can do more than one trade in a row. They just compound in your cash balance until you are paid out.

The third one is the bonus area. This is where ZubeeZone becomes really interesting. A claim bonus is a percentage that is added to you when you collect Trophies, Rewards, and some mystery prizes. You also receive an added claim bonus every time your team finishes in the top 25 teams, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Claim bonuses are valid for a certain amount of days. What it means is this: Working now on, say a diamond that we know has the base value of 500 zubees. If your claim bonus is 25%, then every time you claim a diamond, you will receive 500 + 125 zubees (625 zubees). The same applies to silver and gold coins – a percentage of the value of that coin is added.

As well if you refer other members you will be rewarded with 100 zubees. As well active members of ZubeeZone are awarded a decent 25% claim bonus for the duration of 45 days from their first referral that claims a coin. Thereafter, every 5 referrals gives a smaller bonus lasting 10 days. These claim bonuses are added to your own account and therefore, every coin you claim gets you more zubees. So in effect, you are able, based on the strength of your own coin collecting, to earn extra money from these free referrals. Not many programs offer a chance to earn from free referrals.

So what are you waiting for ... Join the revolution!

Below you can take a look at my payments:


featsep ZubeeZone
Payments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9        
Invested $0.00 Recieved $11.63 Profit $11.63
featsep ZubeeZone




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1 NGUYEN KIM CUONG   (2016-05-12 2:02 PM)
Zubee is a unique creation . Surfers like me , can earn extra income , meet great friends ( I love CBBC II ) . The site has received more zubee lot like our hunter participation zubee .

2 ADMIN   (2016-05-12 7:28 PM)
Thanks a lot for the visit and for the comment Kim. Yes you are totally right, ZubeeZone is an unique rewarding system!

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